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Trey Yingst Net Worth: What’s the Total?

Trey Yingst is a name well-known in journalism for his boldness and resourcefulness. He has made a mark from the frontlines of global conflicts to Fox News. His financial status is as impressive as his professional journey, though the exact net worth is not public.

Yingst has covered stories that touch the heart, reporting from some of the world’s most dangerous places. This dedication has not only made him a respected journalist but also led to financial success. Being a co-founder of News2Share, his unique way of telling stories may have boosted his earnings significantly.

Trey Yingst Bio & Career Highlights

Trey Yingst during a global reporting assignment

Trey Yingst is known for blending passion with journalistic integrity. He grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania. His story starts early, showing his influences and dedication to journalism. He often reported from conflict zones.

Despite being only 30, he’s gained critical acclaim for his strong reporting skills. As an international correspondent, Trey has reported globally. This work has defined him as a fearless journalist.

Defining Moments in Journalism

Trey Yingst has highlighted many important stories. His skill in handling complex stories is notable. This is powered by his drive to uncover the truth.

His background shows a commitment to exploring often overlooked aspects. This deep-rooted commitment sets the stage for meaningful stories.

Building a Foundation: News2Share and Beyond

At American University, Yingst and Ford Fischer created News2Share. This platform was pivotal for Yingst’s career. It allowed him to share voices from places like Gaza and Uganda.

The Yingst family’s storytelling tradition is evident in News2Share. It marked a new era in user-generated news.

The Transition to Mainstream Media

In 2018, Yingst joined Fox News, moving from News2Share. This was a major step in his career. Now, he’s known to many as the face of international news on Fox.

This move expanded his reach and impact. It solidified his role as a key journalist. Yingst connects viewers to realities from conflicted areas around the world.

Timeline Accomplishment Impact
During American University Tenure Founds News2Share Expands narrative diversity in media
2015-2017 Global Conflict Zone Reporting Sheds light on underreported battles and societal shifts
2018 Joins Fox News as International Correspondent Enhances storytelling reach to mainstream audiences

Trey Yingst Net Worth

Trey Yingst Financial Accomplishments

Talking about financial accomplishments, Trey Yingst’s earnings stimulate curiosity. Specifics about his salary and total wealth are private. However, we can guess his net worth looking at his career achievements.

Trey Yingst isn’t just any journalist. His role in journalism goes beyond reporting news. He co-founded News2Share, showing his power in media and entrepreneurship. Becoming a foreign correspondent for Fox News proves his worth in the industry.

Even though the salary of Trey Yingst at Fox News is secret, it likely mirrors his vital role as an international correspondent. His award-winning work, especially in dangerous areas, must get a reward matching the risks taken and its impact.

Earning money for Trey Yingst involves chasing groundbreaking stories. Thus, the Trey Yingst net worth story is about both financial success and the impact of honest journalism. Here’s a brief look at what might add to Trey Yingst’s financial accomplishments:

Element Description Potential Impact on Net Worth
News2Share Co-founding Initiating a successful journalistic platform. Initial foundation for wealth and industry recognition.
Fox News Correspondent Role Positioning within a top US news network. Professional stability and a potentially high salary.
Global Reporting Assignments Covering front-line international news stories. Enhanced reputation, leading to higher earning opportunities.

Net worth shows financial security and, in journalism, reflects the depth of experiences and global insights. Trey Yingst stands as an example of this balance, valuing money and societal contributions equally.


Trey Yingst shines in the world of journalism and broadcasting. His bold and genuine look at global issues has made him very successful. Starting News2Share and then moving to Fox News, he has achieved a lot. Even without exact numbers, Trey Yingst’s net worth reflects his high-quality work. This is shown by his place on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for Media.

Trey boldly covers conflicts, committed to sharing deep stories. His work shows the importance of journalists in shaping our views. Through his reporting, Trey has made a big impact on journalism. He has also added to his family’s legacy, showing the power of seeking truth and justice globally.

As his career moves forward, Trey Yingst keeps making waves in global journalism. He digs into complex issues, challenging the powerful. His work not only brings him awards but likely also a significant net worth. With his dedication, Trey stands as a pillar of journalistic honesty, inspiring future news reporters.


What is Trey Yingst’s net worth?

Trey Yingst’s exact net worth isn’t public. But, given his job at Fox News and his success in journalism, it’s thought to be large.

Who is journalist Trey Yingst?

Trey Yingst is a journalist for Fox News from America. He reports from conflict zones worldwide. He co-founded News2Share and is known for his brave, impartial news coverage.

What led to Trey Yingst’s successful career in journalism?

Trey Yingst’s journalism career took off due to his hard work in war zones. He co-founded News2Share. His storytelling at Fox News as an international correspondent made an impact worldwide.

What are some of Trey Yingst’s most noteworthy accomplishments in journalism?

Trey Yingst was named on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for Media in 2019. He helped start News2Share. His bold reports from places like Gaza and Ukraine have brought him fame and respect.

How old is Trey Yingst, and what’s his background?

Trey Yingst was born on September 10, 1993, making him 30 years old. He’s from Hershey, Pennsylvania. He studied Broadcast Journalism at American University. This education and his early work with News2Share deeply influenced his journalism.

Has Trey Yingst reported from any noteworthy global events?

Yes, Trey Yingst has covered major global events. He has reported from troubled areas like Gaza and Ukraine. His reporting has given those stories a worldwide audience.

What kind of reporting assignments has Trey Yingst undertaken?

Trey Yingst has taken on various reporting tasks. From protests in Ferguson, Missouri, to conflicts in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. These show his flexibility and dedication.

What is known about Trey Yingst’s family?

There’s little public info about Trey Yingst’s family. He prefers to keep his personal life private. But he grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

What was the role of American University in Trey Yingst’s career?

American University was key to Trey Yingst’s career. There, he improved his reporting skills and started News2Share. This launched his successful journalism career.

How has Fox News contributed to Trey Yingst’s career?

Fox News played a big role in Trey Yingst’s career by giving him a platform. This increased his visibility. It helped him become a respected journalist known for covering important stories.

What can be said about the salary of Trey Yingst?

The details of Trey Yingst’s salary at Fox News are private. Yet, considering the network’s significance and his experience, he likely earns a competitive salary.

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